Andrea Gray-Grant – Principal

Andrea has worked in the natural and organic food industry for more than two decades. As a senior sales and marketing executive, she’s launched products in every area of the store and managed internal and external sales forces in both Canada and the U.S. Andrea has also launched her own successful brand, Tarragon Foods, where she built and managed the plant and co-packed for other local food businesses. She has taught Business Planning for Food Processors (a program funded by BC Agriculture) to over 130 participants in the last two years. As well, she coaches and mentors local food businesses – over 150 companies in the last five years. She understands every step of a food processor’s business – the government regulations, the grocery sector, bankers, the determination, and especially the gratification of seeing a dream realized.

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Yan-Yan Lee – Financial Consultant

Yan-Yan is a designated CPA with over 20 years of experience. She has lead project management teams and developed policies and procedures to achieve growth objectives. But her real talent is her insightful performance analysis in operations and financial processes. Specifically, she specializes in financial analysis, reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling. Yan-Yan coaches and mentors local food processors so they can translate and integrate their financial strategies into operations. She currently teams with Andrea to teach the financial section of the Business Planning for Food Processors, a program funded by BC Agriculture.

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Leslie Javorski – Communications

Leslie has been in the food business for 35 years. She has cooked, worked in food television, and now owns Food Words where she writes for the food industry – print and digital (websites, newsletters, blogs, social networks). She also writes for Tourism BC and freelances for food and travel magazines. Her stories and have appeared in numerous publications, including Northwest Travel Magazine, Saveur, Western Living, Taste, and the Vancouver Sun.

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